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Don’t we just wish we could be the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. The Englishman was perhaps right when he said if wishes were horses beggars could ride on. We can never be them because we are not just aiming for the sun we are landing on it. Months on end the thought has never left you. Something in your heart might be saying that this is for you Apparently it doesn’t help much to be a farmer without the right tools, Business resources and knowledge in farming. Does anybody really? No, most actually jumped in and learnt everything they knew on the job. Time is of essence if you can learn fast take it. Knowledge is power, take it.

Heard of SCORE ? Good , because right there is your answer. SCORE is what you need to be on and scoring should be your purpose in life. Perhaps a taskforce of about eleven thousand people who know a little something about business may interest you. They have everything you need with respect to business information. Choose collaboration , there are better chances of successful hunts that way. Don’t break a sweet you are not offering a dime for support. Ok, now you can actually sweat if you are a workshop candidate

All roads lead to the internet in this times we are in and you can even access the Legal information . That’s why it is absolutely important to have presence in a majority if not all of them. The thought might not be as pleasant to many as it means having to navigate in and out of all the social media sites. Finally , Someone thought about you and created Hootsuite. It’s an easier way of being everywhere at the same time. it’s all fine and good but without LivePlan you’ll be out of business soon. You can check out the different business plans and buy one that suits your business. Guess even Alibaba doesn’t have as much luck as you do with a plan when it comes to loans and investments If paying for it doesn’t seem like a good idea why don’t you get yourself a plan B like BPlans.

Those books gathering dust in your home could be a rich source of information. If you don’t have then go to the book store and get your copies of seven habits of highly effective people, lean in ,the networking survival guide and the E-myth revisited. There is no doubt that you will find Steven Covey, Sheryl Sandberg, Diane Darling and Michael Gerber very interesting businesswise. That said you absolutely want to HARO(Help A reporter out lf you are aiming for an interview with a journalist. There are those that like meetings but for you who doesn’t they are very healthy for your business, join GoToMeeting today