Maximizing the Benefits of Working With a Staffing Agency

Hiring solutions are available in many forms: full-time, temporary, project, contract and temp-to-hire help can all be found. Regardless of a company’s hiring needs, a professional, top-rated Staffing agency can offer quick access to the industry’s top talent. When a company hires temporary workers, they get a reduced workload and the reassurance that things will get done on time. Here are some tips on maximizing the effectiveness of working with staffing agencies.

Hire a Specialist Staffing Agency

When working with a staffing agent, it’s important to ensure that the agency can provide the staff the company needs. General firms work with various candidates, and finding someone with the needed qualifications and skills will be more difficult than if the company works with a specialist firm. Additionally, specialist firms have a better grasp of the industry’s talent pool, and they can effectively assess candidates’ skills and experience. When the client gets a good match the first time around, they can save money and time.

Communicate Directly

Clients should speak one-on-one with the staffing manager, as opposed to email-only communication. The manager will ask questions about the company’s staffing requirements, and the customer should write a job description that outlines the position’s responsibilities. It’s important to mention policies such as working hours, dress codes, overtime and breaks.

Get Ready to Go

Now, it’s time for the client to prepare the office and the company for temporary workers. Clients can maximize temporary staff benefits by getting things ready in advance. If the worker needs certain equipment, it’s important to get it set up and running before the arrival date. Once the temp worker is in the office, make them feel like part of the team by:

  • Providing the same orientation that would be given to any other staff member. Make team introductions and choose a point person to answer the new worker’s questions.
  • Encouraging team bonding by inviting the new worker to staff lunches, team meetings and other group functions.
  • Checking in with temporary workers and staff for performance evaluations. Even if the temporary hire has the right skills, it is important to ensure that they fit with the corporate culture.

By communicating the company’s needs and goals to the staffing manager at each point in the process, a client can put themselves in a position to maximize the working relationship.