Standard and Custom Woven Welded Wire Mesh

What is woven wire mesh? Those people asking that question do not realize they probably see examples of it every day. It can be found in both architectural and industrial applications, as well as in original art, signage, and store displays. Beautiful textures and patterns of fencing, guard rails on walkways in cities, and grand entry gates are a few examples of common products made of woven welded wire mesh.


Standard mesh panels are most commonly used in industrial applications. Pallets and racks, manufacturing, some machinery, and inner layer supports are often used in a multitude of industries. There are common patterns, dimensions, and spacing.

Customized wire mesh can also be provided. In-house tool making capabilities and the weaving expertise of a company that has been in business for over a century means custom products can be manufactured and delivered in a timely manner.

Products include woven wire, welded wire mesh, wire cloth, and stainless steel mesh. A variety of raw materials are keep in stock for excellent finishes. Patterns are categorized as fine, mid-fill, large, and opaque. There is a gallery of patterns and more details online.

Architectural Applications

Custom designs, patterns, and sizes are provided to accommodate any need or innovative idea. A two-toned filler piece for a balcony or platform can be manufactured for hotels, concert or sports venues, and special events.

Developers and architects can push the limits of their creativity for new buildings while keeping people safe. Gates, enclosures, wall decorations, and entrances have the potential to be striking and unlike anything ever seen before.

That will be most helpful when it comes to promoting the new project. If condominiums have outside elevators enclosed in woven mesh panels half way up the glass, for example, will be a definite selling point for pre-construction purchases. Higher pricing will also be justified for the unique qualities of the building.


The manufacturing of woven wire mesh requires very little energy because products are cold-formed. Products contain a high percent of pre and post consumer recycled metal. The metal that is left over from the process is also recycled to help protect the environment.